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Lets Go Services is a non-profit organization in Richmond, Virginia that provides donation-based transportation services for veterans, families in need, the elderly, and those in our community with disabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most hospitable and affordable assisted transportation services in the Greater Richmond and Tri-city Area. Our goal is to provide transportation services to those in our community who cannot get there on their own.

Where can we go?

We safely drive our guests to their destination and escort them to where they need to go inside of their destination - such as the doctor’s reception area.


Lets Go Services can take you to your appointments, the grocery store, the airport, and many other places. Unlike other transportation companies that require you to pay whatever they say you owe, with Lets Go Services you pay what you can. 


We can take you where you need to go if you live in the following counties: 

Henrico, Virginia

New Kent, Virginia
Mechanicsville, Virginia

Midlothian, Virginia

Chesterfield, Virginia

Board of Directors and Officers

Theresa M. Sears,
(Founder) Executive Director.

Christopher E. Bystryk,
Sr., Chairman and President.

Amanda S. Higgins,


Shawn M. Sears,

Your Support Means Everything.


Margaret Watson

"Thanks to Lets Go Services, and a sweet person like Theresa, we were able to get to his [husband's] Doctors appointment with good people. And the service made it easier."

Ana M. Booc

"My family and I are very thankful to you guys. You made it easier and worry-free for me and my family knowing that my boys are being picked up and dropped off at home safely."

Kris Foley

"My husband and I love Lets Go Services. They live the values they put forth and they always do what they say they will do. They really take the stress out of getting things accomplished."

Vicki Trible

"What a great service."

Michael Fish

"We are thankful for this fantastic service run by amazing people who make it possible for us to keep our independence while handling what ever God has for us."

Lets Go Services

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